Lantor Finishmat

Lantor Finishmat

Finishmat® is the Lantor range of surfacing veils for the composites industry. Finishmat® veils are used to improve surface cosmetics, create better chemical resistance or reduce the abrasion of composite structures.
Each Lantor Finishmat® offers good and even impregnation and is suitable for several production processes and applications.
Finishmat® D77 is a needle punched PAN fibre veil that is very drapeable. It is often used in closed mould processes where the soft Finishmat is applied directly against the mould or gelcoat to prevent osmosis and fibre print-through from glass fibre.

  • Suitable for closed mould processes
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Effective protection from osmosis

Lantor Finishmat® D77

Excellent surface finish
Reduction of process cycle time
Gelcoat can be replaced by pigmented resin
Easy to process
Becomes translucent in resin
High elongation
Applications Lantor Finishmat® D77
Marine : Hulls, Decks, and Structures of Boats and Yachts
Transportation : Parts and Panels of cars, Trailers, Trucks and RV’s
General closed mould applications

Dimensional data :

Properties D77 60 D77 80
Thickness* mm 0,30 0,40
Roll length m 100 100
Roll width m Several widths Several widths
Resin uptake*
0,40 0,55
Dry weight g/m2 60 80
Binder Needle punched Needle punched
Elongation % 100 100
Fibre type PAN PAN

Lantor Finishmat® 6691

The Finishmat® 6691 range is a chemical bond polyester veil with tensile properties that make it suitable for filament winding and pultrusion processes. The consistent resin uptake creates a smooth, resin-rich layer that serves as chemical barrier and surface finish.

  • Suitable for continuous processes such as filament winding and pultrusion
  • Good tensile properties for controlled processing
  • Creates a chemical barrier and surface finish

Lantor Finishmat® 6691
Chemical and weather resistance
Smooth surface
Controlled resin drainage
Prevention of fibre print through
High abrasive resistance
Easy to process due to high tensile strength
Good resin retention
Compatible with thermoset resins
Excellent resin wet-out

Applications Lantor Finishmat® 6691

Industrial : Pipes, Containers, Tanks, Profiles and Rods General Pultrusion and Filament Winding applications

Dimensional data

Fibre type Polyester Polyester
Properties 6691 SL 6691 LL
Thickness mm 0,30 0,45
Roll lenght m 1000 1000
Roll width m 1,0 1,0
Resin uptake kg/m2 0,35 0,50
Dry weight g/m2 20 40
Binder type Acrylate Acrylate
Elongation % >10 >10

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