Xtend WCX

Product Description

A non-flammable, non-corrosive and non-toxic, water-based cleaner specifically designed for stripping many semi-permanent release agents. Also itable for removing other types of residue.


A complex formulation of surface-active and cleaning agents.


Keep this water-based product from freezing and store below 100ºF / 39ºC. Mix/shake well before use.


Water-based non toxic stripper.


Stripper for removing semi-permanent mold releases May be applied to ambient temperature or warm molds.

Typical Properties

Color White
ISO 3374 : 1990 Heavy liquid @ 25ºC
Viscosity Heavy Liquid
pH 8.9
Flash Point Non-Flammable (>232ºF)
Shelf Life 12 months in original unopened package
Packing Plastic containers

Application Instructions


  1. Mix well. Apply liberally to mold at room temperature using a blue shop towel or other non-abrasive cleaning pad to work the cleaner over the surface.
  2. Allow to stand for several minutes to penetrate. Wipe off using another blue shop towel and rinse thoroughly with water. If any residue remains wipe clean with CX-500.

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