Chopped Strand Mat – Powder

CSM glass combines the excellent mechanical and electrical properties of traditional E-Glass with the acid corrosion resistance of E-CR-Glass. CSM glass satisfies the requirements and description of both E-Glass and E-CR-Glass according to ISO 2078 and ASTM D 578.

Product Description

The chopped strand mat is made with medium size strands of glass, held together by a powder binder which is soluble in styrene. The basic strand has a sizing system containing a silane coupling agent. This sizing system combined the binder properties make CSM suitable with epoxy, vinyl ester and anti-corrosion resins

Product Reference

  • 300 : roll weight (g/m2)
  • 1040 : roll width (Mm)
  • 1ST : one trimmed edge
  • 2ST : two trimmed edges
  • 0ST : no trimmed edges, greatest widths only

Product Application

CSM mat is reinforcement for use with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester resins in the hand lay-up process. It is ideal for applications such as Roofing sheets, Automobile components, boats, chemical tanks etc.

Recommended Use

Typical applications are those which require high glass content and good mechanical properties. CSM is ideal in applications requiring rapid impregnation and excellent wetting. CSM has excellent handling and tailoring properties as well as the ability to conform rapidly to
even the most contoured molds.

Products Available

Roll characteristics
Standard weight (g/m²) Standard width (cm) Diameter(cm) Length (m) Weight (kg)
300 96
450 104 27 64 30
600 48

A roll is considered to be complete if it measures more than 70 % of the nominal length.

Physical Characteristics

Weight(g/m2) Loss on ignition (%) Moisture (%) Tensile strength (daN) Solubility in styrene (s)
ISO 3374 : 1990 ISO 1887 : 1980 ISO 3344 : 1977 I ISO 3342 : 1987 ISO 2558 : 1974
300 3.5 ± 1.0 20
450 3.5 ± 1.0 ≤ 0.20 25 Max. 60
600 3.5 ± 1.0 25

Individual And Bulk Packaging

Individual Packaging

  • Each roll is wound on a cardboard tube of internal diameter 76mm.
  • Wrapped in a polyethylene film and packed in a cardboard box having a 280x280mm section and an height equal to the mat width (+ around 20mm).

Bulk Packaging

Weight(mm) Packaging type Number of rolls Pallet dimensions L x W x H (mm) Net Weight (kg)
1040 4 x 4 16 1140 x 1140 x 1120 480.0


Chopped Strand Mat CSM should be kept in their original packaging and stored in a sheltered area. The optimal conditions are :

  • Temperature between 10 and 45°C inclusive,
  • Relative humidity level between 35% and 85 % inclusive.

Note : If the storage temperature is less than 15°C, it would be advisable to put the pallets in the
processing area for 24 hours before use. This is to avoid condensation. It is recommended that
products be consumed using a first in, first out method within 12 months of delivery.