Vinylester Resin

Product Features & Applications

Vinylester is a specially formulated grade Vinyl ester plain with excellent resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemical environments at room and elevated temperature. It is non promoted, non-thixotropic type and formulated chemical resistant unsaturated polyester resin based on selective epoxy and meth-acrylic acid processed carefully to specific molecular weight, dissolved in Styrene monomer in the presence of specially chosen inhibitor for storage life of over months @ room temperature. The VER is resistant for wide range of chemicals/fluid for exposure & application. The resin is especially suitable for filament winding and lay up/spray up, pultrusion pipelines, chemical process equipments, like Reactors, Blowers, fume extraction equipments is resistant for wide range of chemicals/fluid for exposure & application.

Typical Application:

  • For fabrication of Bridge Support, ladder etc. exposed to stringent, sewerage & effluents.

Physical data in liquid state at 250C# [Confirm to IS 6746-1994 and BS 3532-1990]

Properties Unit Value TM
Appearance - Light Brown TM-31
Specific Gravity. - 1.04± 0.02 TM-11
Viscosity  Brookfield RVT mPa s(cP) 300 – 400 TM-05
model @ 250C
Acid value mgKOH/gm 8±3 TM-06
Volatile Content % 45 ± 0.02 TM-08
Geltime @ 250C * Minutes 15 – 25 TM-07
Stability in the Dark Months Min. 6 TM-32
  • * Using Accelerator, Co (6%) 0.4 phr, Promoter (100%) DMA- 0.05 phr
    Catalyst Butanox M50- 1.2 phr, the gel time, cure time and Peak Exotherm

Properties Of Cast Resin Laminate (on base resin)

Properties Units Results TS
a) Barcol Hardness BHU Min. 30 ASTM D – 2583
b) Heat Distortion Temp. 0C 100-110 ISO-  75
c) Specific Gravity - 1.15± 0.02 IS0-1183
d) Volume Shrinkage on cure % 7-8 ISO-3521
e) Tensile Strength N/ 85 ISO –  527
f) Tensile Modulus N/ 3500 ISO –  527
g) Elongation at break % 5 – 6 ISO –  527
h) Flexural Strength N/ 150 ISO – 178
i) Flexural Modulus N/ 3800 ISO – 178
  • * Post cured laminate tested TS – Test Standards
Application Methods O Optional Yes
Hand lay-up Yes
Spray-up Yes
Filament Winding
Continuous Laminating
Resin Transfer Moulding Yes
Cold Press
Hot Press ( Sheet - Bulk Moulding Compound )
Pultrusion ( Profile )
Chemical Structure O Optional Yes
Acid Vinyl Ester Acceleration -
Glycol Standard glycol Reactivity Medium
Modification - Grade/Versions VER

Usage & Post Curing:

  • The Vinyl Ester performs best if the laminate is completely post cured. The quantity of catalyst and accelerator can be adjusted to get a shorter or longer geltime.
  • It is recommended to mature the products for 24 hours and post curing should be done for minimum of six hours at 80 deg centigrade. This is recommended for getting the optimum properties.
  • Packing: Regularly available 35 Kgs (Carboys)
    205 Kgs (Drums/Barrel)
Revision Description Date
ISO- 9001- 2008 Rev-00 Vinyl Ester Plain 16.08.2010