Cobalt Octoate

Properties Specification
METAL CONTENT 3.00 ± 0.2%
APPEARANCE Clear violet liquid
SPECIFIC GRAVITY @ 30°C/30°C 0.83 ± 0.03
VISCOSITY (Gardner-Holdt @ 30°C) A max.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Section 1 : Identity Information

2.1 Chemical characterization Cobalt soap dispersion in mineral spirit with 3% of Cobalt
2.2 Form : Liquid 2.3 Colour : Bluish 2.4 Odour : Typical
2.5 Hazardous ingredients :
Componet CAS No. Exposure Guidelines OSHA/PEL/TWA ACGIH/TLV/TWA UNITS
Cobalt 2-Ethyl Hexanoate Mineral Spirits 136-52-7 8052-41-3 0.1 100ppm 0.05 525 mg/m3 mg/m3

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1000 Table Z-1-A (Final Rule) TWA list for Cobalt Metal dust and fume (as Co)
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1000 Table Z-1-A (Final Rule) TWA list for Stoddard solvent

Hazardos Materials Indentification System (Hmis)

Health – 2 Flammability - 2 Reactivity - 0 Protective Equipment - B

Section 2 : Physical Safety Data

3.1 Change in physical state boiling range of mineral spirit (not applicable to the solvent free metal soap) 145-205 C Tested in accordance with ASTM D 1078
3.2 Density @ (30°C) 0.83g/ml ISO 2811
3.3 Vapour pressure @ (38°C) (mineral spirit) 3 mbar
3.4 Viscosity @ 30°C max 0.58 stokes
3.4 Viscosity @ 30°C max 0.58 stokes
3.5 Solubility in water not applicable
3.6 Ph value not applicable
3.7 Flash point 39°C ASTM D 92-72
3.8 Ignition temperature (mineral spirit) 252°C ASTM D 2155
3.9 Explosion limits Lower : 0.8 Upper 5% (mineral spirit)
3.10 Thermal decomposition No decompositon if used as directed
3.11 Hazardous decomposition products
3.12 Hazardous reacting risk of explosion by contact with peroxides
3.13 Additional information The product is miscible with many organic solvents

Section 3 : Transportation

GGVSee/IMDG Code : 3345 UN NO 1993 inflamable : Liquid NOS ICAO/IATA : DGR

Other information : IMCO 3

Section 4 : Regulations (Eec)

R 10 : Flammable

On the basis of the data available to us, Cobalt 3%-Acc .Grade is not a dangerous product. One should,
however, observe the usual precautionary measures for handling chemicals.

Commercial Product Name : Cobalt Octoate 3% (Accelerator Grade)

Section 5 : Protective Measures, Storage And Handling

6.1 Technical protective measures Keep the container tightly closed in a well ventilated place and away from sources of ignition. Do not store together with peroxides.
6.2 Personal Protective equipment : N/A
Respiratory Protection : N/A
Eye Protection : Protecting glasses
Hand Protection : Neoprene gloves
Other : Minimize breathing vapur ; avoid prolonged contact with skin
6.3 Industrial hygiene :
Keep away from foodstuffs, drinks and animal feed. Take off contaminated, saturated clothing, shoes immediately. Wash hands before work breaks and at the end of working.
6.4 Protection against fire and explosion :
Do not smoke. Keep sources of ignition such as heat spark. Take measures against he build-up electrostatic charges.
6.5 Disposal
Take into consideration the local authority regulation on incineration

Section 6 : Measures In Case Of Accidents And Fires

6.1 After spillage/leakage/gas leakage
Take up with inert absorbent material (e.g. sand, kieselgur) and do not allow to get into drains. Provide
for sufficient ventilation. Eliminate all sources of Ignition (flares, flames, electrical sparks etc)

7.2 Extinguishing media suitable foam, Carbon dioxide, water spray (fog), dry chemical, vapouring liquid type estinguisher may be suitable for extinguishing fires.
Not to be used : Water in a jet
7.3 First aid
In case of skin contact, wash off immediately with plenty of water and soap. Remove saturated clothing. In case of eye contact rinse away thoroughly with water and consult a doctor. In case of swallowing, consutl a doctor.

7.4 Additional information
In case of a fire, the smoke contains metaloxides, carbon mono oxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon etc.

Section 7 : Information On Toxicity

+ acute toxicity of mineral spirit (experiments with rats)

  • oral LD 50 > 6000 mg/kg
  • percutaneous LD 50 > 3000 mg/kg
  • inhalation LD 50 >4 hours in a saturated atmosphere
  • first signs : headache, dizziness, irritation of the eye + acute oral toxicity of a similar Cobalt soap : LD 50 (rat-oral) = 3900 mg/kg (NIOSH –19777) + sensitizing of the skin, due to Cobalt may occur.

Section 8 : Information On Ecological Effects

Inhibition or deactivation of the activated slude of a sewage system is possible, depending on the quantity of product entering the system.
The metal soap can be eliminated from waste water by an oil and fat separator and a flocculation precipitation system.

Section 9 : Additonal Information

The present information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, but without any guarantee. Users should satisfy themselves on the suitability of this product for their purposes. If necessary they can consult our technical service staff.