High Performance Matched

High Performance Matched

Tooling Systems From Scott Bader
Scott Bader has a new range of high performance matched tooling systems that are ideal for the following sectors

  • Land transport
  • Marine
  • Building
  • Industrial
  • Applications that require a superior gelcoat surface finish

Crystic Gelcoat 15PA (B) and (S)

Crystic VE679PA Skincoat& lightweight Reinforcement Construct the mold with either Crystic RTR 4000PA or Crystic 474 PA & your choice of reinforcement

CrysticGelcoat 15PA (B) & (S) CrysticGelcoat 15PA, both brush and spray,
represent the highest quality in tooling gelcoat manufacture.
A superior vinylester resin technology offers a premium finish with exceptional resistance to chemical attack and extremely long life cycles and multiple pulls.

“Very easy to spray with, covers nicely and no sagging. The degassing is perfect and no pinholes were found even after sanding the surface of the gel coat. But where it really out performs the competition is in achieving excellent resistance to print-through when vacuum bagging a 2 x 2 twill carbon fabric of 200 gm-2 with epoxy resin.”
Typical Properties for Crystic 15PA S & B
When tested in accordance with the appropriate BS OR BS EN ISO Method

Viscosity at 250C   Thixotropic Thixotropic
Volatile Content % 40 30
Geltime at Minutes 7 11
250C (using 2% Butanox M50)      
Stability in dark at
Months 3 3

Crystic Skincoat VE679PA

An easy to use Vinyl ester / DCPD skincoat which significantly reduces the occurrence of fibre print through.
Crystic VE679PA greatly enhances surface finish on mouldings.

Typical Liquid Properties

Appearance   Red / brown
Viscosity at 250C 4500 sec-1 Poise 2.3
Viscosity at 250C 37.35 sec-1 Poise 3.5
Specific Gravity @ 250C   1.065
Stability at 250C Months 3
Geltime at 250C using 2% Butanox LPT Minutes 18
Geltime at 250C using 2% Butanox M50 Minutes 23
  • Suitable for continuous processes such as filament winding and pultrusion
  • Good tensile properties for controlled processing
  • Creates a chemical barrier and surface finish

RTR 4000PA Excel

Crystic RTR 4000PA Excel is a new, improved rapid tooling resin which incorporates better handling, lower viscosity, improved shrinkage control and ease of use.
For the manufacture of high quality, low profile mould making applications.

Liquid Properties

Viscosity at 250C (ICI Cone
and Plate)
Poise 5
Specific Gravity at 250C 1.35
Volatile Content % 29
Geltime at 250C
(1% Butanox M-50)**
Minutes 40
Stability (at less than 200C
in original container)
Months 3

Fully Cured resin

    *Post Cure **Post Cure
Barcol Hardness (GYZJ 934 – 1)   23 25
Deflection Temperature Under
† (1.80 MPa
°C 60 94
Water Absorbtion 24hrs at
mg 10 15
Tensile Strength MPa 60 52
Tensile Modulus GPa 2.7 3.0
Elongation at Break % 4.3 2.1
Specific Gravity at 250C 1.161 1.158
  • *Curing Schedule – 24hrs at 200C, 16hrs at 400C
  • ** Curing Schedule – 24hrs at 200C, 3hrs at 800C
  • † Curing Schedule – 24hrs at 200C, 5hrs at 800C, 3hrs at 1200C

Typical Mechanical properties

HDT**   63
Tensile Strength* MPa 114
Tensile Modulus GPa 8.1
Elongation at Break % 2.0

*Glass Content 28%, laminate made with 3 layers of 450gsm CSM; 16hrs at 400C post cure
**Property of the cast resin, 16hrs at 400C post cure
Information courtesy: Scott Bader
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