Axel Mold Wiz is a liquid external release agent that dries at room temperature forming a monomolecular film which adheres by absorption to the mold surface and has no affinity for the molded resin or rubber. This selective adhesion prevents the film from being easily abraded by the demolded part.

Numerous demoldings per application of release agent can be expected without any necessity for washing the parts. The release will not interfere with secondary finishing operations such as decorating, bonding, or painting
Uses: Polyester, Epoxy, Acrylic, Methyl methacrylate, Phenolic, Rubber. Winding, Hot press molding & Preforms for all molding surfaces.

Uses: Polyester, Epoxy, Acrylic, Methyl methacrylate, Phenolic, Rubber. Winding, Hot press molding & Preforms for all molding surfaces

Composition: Proprietary resin emulsion of polyolefins and organic fatty combination with wetting agents and surfactant in a water vehicle.




COLOR: Off white


VISCOSITY: < 50 cps @ 25°C

pH: 8.7 – 10.7

FLASH POINT: Non Flammable

SHELF LIFE: Minimum of one year

Application Instructions:

Clean mold with CleanWiz. Apply mold release with a clean cotton cloth wiping in two directions, using a circular motion. Allow to dry for five minutes. Spray a thin coat (fine mist to dry film) and allow to dry completely with no moisture residue. Accelerate drying time by blowing hot air or by using heat lamps. Repeat whenever mold has been cleaned with CleanWiz or as required to give mold release properties.

MoldWiz® WB-2700 is a water-based release that is ideally suited to the rigorous molding conditions of the filament winding process. The release product is a silicone free emulsion of fatty acids, polyolefins, and surfactants in a water vehicle.

The product contains no hazardous materials making it friendly to both the user and the environment. MoldWiz® WB-2700, is a 10% active release product that can be easily diluted if desired.


THE PROBLEM: A manufacturer of large diameter epoxy piping used for chemical conveyance, has historically relied on a solvent-based mold release to release 35’ (10.6 meter) pipe sections from non-tapered steel mandrels. Although the solvent-based release provided reasonable release, constant reapplication of mold release resulted in mandrels with crusty deposits of release and resin that were difficult and time consuming to remove.

In addition, there were growing HMIS concerns regarding volatile solvent emissions, and storage of flammable material.


MoldWiz® WB-2700 was introduced in a wet winding process employing epoxy resin. The polished steel mandrels were initially prepared by applying release with a handpump spray bottle and then simply wiped with a cloth to evenly distribute the release over the mandrel surface. The first pipe section released cleanly, pulling easily from the test mandrel. Following the trial, all of the production mandrels were converted to MoldWiz® WB-2700. After the initial release preparation, MoldWiz® WB-2700 is used in dilute form (50% water/50% MoldWiz®WB2700), with one coat applied prior to each wrapping cycle.


The customer credits MoldWiz® WB-2700 with providing good release and eliminating the buildup problems that had been common with the solvent-based mold release.

Workers are pleased with the elimination of a solvent-based release from their workplace and the company’s health and safety objectives have been met.


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