Advantex Glass Fiber

Product Information on Owens Corning’s Glass Fiber product


  • A New Industry Standard
  • Enhanced Corrosion Performance
  • Higher Heat Resistance
  • Improved Environmental Friendliness

AdvantexTM glass fiber combines the electrical and mechanical properties of traditional E-glasses with the acid corrosion resistance of E-CR glass.

Across-the-Board Properties.
Around – the – Globe Consistency

Advantex glass fiber is a new glass formulation which provides the properties and benefits customers have come to expect from Owens Corning.

An important new advantage of Advantex glass fiber is the common technology platform it provides which enables customers to confidently specify the same product anywhere in the world.

Customers currently using an E-glass product from Owens Corning can expect Advantex glass fiber to provide comparable property and processing characteristics. Advantex glass fiber also meets the defined requirements for an E-CR glass for acid corrosion resistance.

Nomenclature designations for Advantex products are structured in the same industry­ recognized formats as traditional Owens Corning E-glass and E-CR glass products.

Longer-term, the common platform will contribute to the improvement of world­ wide product availability during times when the limits of industry capacity and supply are challenged.

The Importance of Property Based Specifications:

Glass fiber composites are used in more than 40,000 end-use products. In each application, it is the composite’s properties in varied operating environments, and against a diverse set of criteria, which have determined its suitability in meeting and exceeding expectations.

Advantex glass fiber combines the electrical, mechanical and other characteristics of E-glass and E-CR glass, yet it is a new glass formulation. Its specification should be based on what it does and not just its composition.

Customers can specify Aduantex glass fiber with the confidence they are receiving today’s most advanced glass fiber technology.
That’s why Owens Corning is leading an industty-wide initiative to convert glass standards from a system that classifies glass by its composition to one that classifies glass by its properties.

How Advantex compares with traditional glass fibers:

The chart below shows a comparison of Advantex glass fiber physical properties with those of traditional E-glass and E-CR glass. Advantex exhibits a higher softening point than either E-or E-CR which may be an advantage for some applications.

Mechanical Property Data:

Even though the ultimate properties achieved in the laboratory with single filament measurements are not normally achieved in field applications, they provide a way to compare the properties of glass prior to field processing.

A table comparing the single filament tensile strength and modulus of Advantex glass fiber vis a vis E-glass and E-CR glass is shown in the table below.

Key Property Tests

In addition to its validation as a replacement for E-glass and E-CR glass, Advantex glass fiber technology continues to undergo extensive testing and further validation to define the full extent of its capabilities

Tensile Strength

The following chart shows a comparison of Advantex glass fibers with E- and E-CR glasses for typical composites containing Type 30 degree rovings.

Water Durability
One of the key features of E- and E-CR glasses is their durability in water. The chart below shows that Advantex glass fiber maintains the high standards of these types of glasses.

Mechanical Property Data


Acid Resistance
Advantex glass fiber has excellent resistance to acids. Comparisons with E-CR glass in both bulk glass and laminate data in acid environments are shown in the following charts.


Electrical Properties
Although Advantex glass fiber does not contain boron as do traditional E-glasses, it exhibits comparable electrical properties. The data below shows how the critical electric properties of volume resistivity and dielectric breakdown strength compare with currently available E-glass products.

Volume resistivity is a measure of the insulating properties of the glass

Breakdown strength is a measure of the voltage which can be withstood before arcing through the material occurs.

The preceding charts indicate that Advantex glass fiber exhibits properties which compare well with E-glass in mechanical and electrical properties. They also show comparable properties to E-CR glass in acid corrosion resistance in studies to date. As a result of this combination of E- and E-CR glass properties, Advantex glass fiber spans a much broaded band of applications than either E- and E-CR glass could do alone.

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