Gurit has developed a broad range of tried, tested and qualified performance prepreg systems and structural core materials that are ideally suited to manufacture weight-optimised laminate structures, sandwich or crushed-core components that exceed the customers’ performance criteria and the most stringent safety requirements of the global rail market. Gurit is already known as a trusted supplier of composite materials for interior and structural aerospace applications.

Gurit prepregs are used in a growing range of rail projects from High-Speed to Subway trains across the globe. From concept to product development and into production, Gurit’s experience and understanding ensure products are delivered on time and to specification.


Sandwich constructions are an ideal way to achieve optimal results and meet passenger requirements. In a sandwich panel, two outer material layers provide a stable and smooth surface, while a lightweight core section adds stiffness and insulation, both ideal for rail applications. Modern rail tracks are designed for speed – the straighter the tracks, the smoother and faster the ride. The topography or cityscape between two destinations is a given and the availability of land is often scarce. Therefore, fast, high-speed, urban train lines feature ever-longer tunnels and bridges, consequently travellers and train crew must be even better protected to get a maximum chance of safely escaping during the unlikely event of an emergency. This is a true call for phenolic prepregs!


Favourable mechanical profiles are important, but chemical features of the material are equally vital, especially in terms of passenger safety requirments. The fire, smoke and toxicity performance (FST) is a top priority when selecting new materials. Gurit’s experience in the development of tailored, long-term solutions for the complex aerospace industry has allowed the development and market introduction of Gurit’s range of Phenolic and Epoxy prepregs to the rail market. The outstanding behaviours of Gurit’s prepregs include short burn lengths, lowest smoke densities and smoke toxicities and very low heat release values. The range of epoxy and phenolic prepregs and structural core materials now balance high performance, with the most stringent safety requirements for maximum passenger safety, including fire and fumes regulation EN45545.

Technology Description
Prepreg Resin
Phenolic Phenolic based chemistry is well established within the aerospace and rail industries
where ultimate fire retardancy, low smoke emission and low smoke toxicity (FST)
properties are required. Phenolic prepregs are therefore commonly used in interior
aircraft components such as side walls and flooring.
Epoxy Gurit has a range of fire-retardant epoxy systems suitable for applications where
increased mechanical properties are required. They generally exhibit good flame spread properties and can be used in more structural components compared to phenolics such as flooring panels. Where the optimum blend of FST and mechanical properties is required, Gurit epoxy prepregs also can be co-cured with phenolic prepregs. This is an established approach to the manufacture of aerospace flooring sandwich panels.
Pet Gurit G-PETTM is a highly adaptable, recyclable, thermoplastic PET (polyethyleneterephthalate)
core material with good balance of mechanical properties, temperature
resistance, density and cost for a wide range of applications and processes.
Balsa Gurit BalsaflexTM is the classic end-grain balsa wood core, featuring very high strength to weight ratio and is available in range of densities, thickness and format/finish. Gurit BalsaflexTM is approved by Germanischer Lloyd (GL)


PH 840
Phenolic Prepreg

Recyclable     High temp processing  Excellent FST properties 

• Tested to EN45545- HL3 Rating in R1 Category (highest rating)
• Excellent mechanical behaviour
• Good surface finish
• Autoclave-free processes possible
• Short curing t ime 15 min at 1600C/3200F
• long shelf and shop life                                                                                                                                           


PH 840 is a haloge free modified phenolic system. designed for laminate with bright colour and good surface quality.

This prepreg material has been developed for industrial and rail applications with high specific mechanical properties and excellent
FST (low heat-release and smoke-density) behaviour.

PH 840 can be cured between 1200C and 1600C (2480F and 3200F) Monolithic and sandwich structures can be easily manufactured
with this prepreg. The curing can be performed by press. vacuum and autoclave moulding with a pressure of at least 0.7 bar / 10 psi.
Suitable for composite structures experiencing in-service temperatures of -550C up to + 800C.


PH 840 is ideally suited to rail / industrial / commercial marine craft and automotive applications.

Fire Retardant SPRINTTM

Excellent FST properties700C cure temperature SPRINT TMTechnology



• Award winning SPRINTTM Matrix
• Self extinguishing
• Suitable for Lioyds and MCA Compliant Structures
• Suitable for monolithic and sandwich structures
• Excellent laminate quality, from vaccum-only Processing
• Low smoke toxicity
• Halogen-free

ST 70FR is a fire retardant hot melt. Diuron free epoxy SPRINTTM. This is ideally suited to the manufacture of thik requiring fire protection.It can be cured at temperatures as low as 700C, but can also be used for the rapid manufacture of components through its 25-minute cure at 1200C. All of this can be achieved together with an outlife of 14 days at 200C.


Industrial / commercial manna craft and civil applications where thick tea retardant laminates are required.

Fire Retardant Structuctural Core

Excellent FST properties Recyclable High tem processing


• Excellent FST performance (Evaluated against DIN 5510, ASTM E1354, ASTM E662 & BSS7239)
• Withstands high process temperatures
• Good adhesion & mechanical properties
• Compatible with all composite processes
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Recyclable
• Available with G-PETTM lite technology

G-PET TM 75FR and G-PET TM 100FR have been developed in order to meet the growing need for structural core materials with good Fire,Smoke and Toxicity (FST) properties used in Marine, Civil and Transportation markets. It offers a much lower cost FST materia compared to high cost/ high performance materials such as PMI, PEl, PES foams. addressing lower requirements and needs.


G-PET TM can be Processed at high temperatures. withstanding exotherms up to 1500C / 3000F and offers outstanding fatigue properties. chemical resistance, good adhesion. is a highly consistent extruded foam. it is ideal
for wind energy, marine. Industnal, and transportation applications. Applicable processing toctniques include vacuum infusion. bonding,prepreg. and thermoforming. Available in a wide range of thickness and finishes.










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